Friday, 23 February 2018

Mini Quilt with freehand machine embroidery

Good evening dear friends,

i have been bedridden for a couple of days now with awful flu and i took the opportunity today to finish off my second mini quilt, which you can see here.

I got the fat quarters for this from The Range and Hobbycraft, and decided to mix blue tones for this one.
I have only just recently been attending workshops with a local textile artist who taught me some of the techniques used here, and i am getting the hang of it now... 
it`s good fun to make some of these as it allows freestyle and i am sure i will quite quickly develop my very own style!

I even got myself a brand new sewing machine that is for embroidery and has more than 200 stitches... and i am still getting used to it!

Tomorrow, i will attend the third of three workshops that were/are held at The Allendale Forge Studios with Kate Slaughter and i am looking forward to what i will learn tomorrow. You can expect more textile work from me at this point for sure!

I must admit that i have gotten a bit bored with making cards and boxes all the time only, and for me, being a SU demonstrator does not mean i want to create more or less the same things over and over again, plus, the big family of SU demos craft gorgeously but it all looks very much alike all the time.

I understand myself more as an artist than a sales person and although i am ranking at the Silver level which i achieved in less than a year with SU, to me it is more important to create art rather than produce look alike boxes and cards all the time.

I still love making cards and boxes, but i also like to  look outside the box and see what else is there... i love to combine different techniques in one project, and i also love mixed media and scrapbooking, steam punk and so on.

So i have decided to learn new techniques and develop my artistic skills in various directions... i just don`t see myself as a paper craft artist only.

So in future, my blog will get even more colourful and interesting  as i will be quilting, embroidering, paper crafting, sculpting, scrapbooking and loads more!

So thanks for reading all this tonight and i hope you like my quilt and thanks for dropping by!

JoJo xx

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Freehand embroidery pet memorial

Hi everybody,

here is my first pet memorial piece of art work.. the bristles of a deceased pet pig have been embedded in the freehand stitching and blend beautifully with the floral scene i created here.

This is a very unique way of keeping a lasting memory of a beloved pet without it being awkward.
I do freehand embroidery and create smaller or larger pieces of floral scenes with the hair/fur/bristles/feathers of a beloved pet worked into it.

If you would like to have a handmade bespoke memorial piece of your pet(s), feel free to get in contact with me.
I am happy to discuss all available options with you.

This small piece here is 3" x 3"  and looks gorgeous once it has been placed in a shadow frame box from Ikea.
I charge £25 for such a bespoke piece of embroidery, and i am looking forward to making more of these.

Thanks for dropping by and having a look tonight. Have a good evening and bye for now

JoJo xx

My first ever mini quilt!

Good evening friends,

i know you might be wondering what is going on here, as this is the second post in a row tha thas got nothing to do with paper craft.
However, this is also a form of art and i am recently attending various workshops that introduce me to this kind of art and i must say i love it and wanted to share my results.
I am aware that this quilt is full of flaws and mistakes and a more experienced quilter will probably laugh at my efforts here.. but i don`t really care for those on a high horse.. i am immensely proud of my achievement and it took many hours to make this one.
I hope you like it as much as i do and i promise i will be doing a few more cards and boxes tomorrow so you get some paper craft again!

Have a nice evening and thanks for visiting!
Love you all

JoJo xx

Monday, 12 February 2018

Freehand embroidered floral scene

Hello dear friends

this is today`s last blog, i promise!

I attended a series of freehand embroidery workshops last week and this is the result.. it has got nothing to do with paper craft but i was really attracted by the designs and wanted to learn a new skill.
What you see here are freehand embroidered floral scenes, and practically my first ever made.

During the workshops i attended an idea came to my mind....
You might or might not know that my husband and i are running

in the Allen Valley around Hexham in Northumberland.
We rescue all wildlife , no matter what, if we get called out. We also work together with most vets in this area to deliver the aftercare when wildlife has been found and handed in.
This is a costly work and we are a registered charity, however we do not receive any governmental funding.
In order to help with the constant fund raising, i have decided to create these little floral scenes and offer to incorporate hair.fur/feathers/bristles of anyone`s beloved pet, to create a unique piece of keepsake and treasured memory
In return, i will ask a minimum donation of £25 for a 4" x 4"  scene for our Charity.
So in future, you will see many more of these little embroidered flowers on here as i do believe this is a fabulous idea to have a lasting memory and keepsake of  a beloved pet, be it still alive or passed away.
If you are interested in a bespoke piece of art like this for your pet, please send the fur/feathers/bristles together with a cheque ( payable to Pennines Wildlife Rescue ) of at least £ 25 value and your desired colour scheme ( red tones, blue tones ,green tones etc ) and the postal address to which you want the finished piece returned to

Pennines Wildlife Rescue
Ute Johnson
Blackcleugh Farm
NE47 8AE Carrshield 
United Kingdom

Please allow one week upon receipt of your mail to process and create the art piece.

I hope you like the idea and my art work here. If you want to order from outside the UK, please add £5 for the postage to your donation.
Thank you all for supporting me with this good cause and i am looking forward to create your bespoke floral scene!
Have a good evening and thanks for dropping by!

JoJo xx

Valentine gift for my hubbby

Good evening everybody,

i know i`m kind of spamming you all with my multiple posts tonight but i was very busy last week with other things and today i had to make up for my lost time!

This is a gift wrap for the EdT i am giving my husband for Valentines day. I used the true gentleman DSP again to make this one, and the lid is made from acetate.
To make an open box like this, take the measurements of your box, add the height of the sides twice to each side ( side walls are doubled to make them more sturdy) and glue your box together.
Create the lid accordingly to your box measurements , but deduct 1/16" from width and length of the center piece to make the lid fit easily.Also, add just the single height for the side walls to your center piece to create the lid.
It`s best to wedge the individual flaps of your acetate lid for best fit.
I also punched a gap for the thumbs to both sides of my box, using the 1 1/4" circle punch.

For the little card i used colour coordinated card stock and a piece of the same DSP to match the box.
I die cut the oval stitched shapes framelits in 2 different sizes and layered them to my card front. 
I finished off with a few buttons i still had in my stash.
To keep the box shut tight i wrapped a bit of the dapper denim ruched ribbon around it  and tied it to a bow, and my Valentine gift was finished!

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Male 60. birthday card

Good evening dear friends,

this is my second male card i made today, it`s for a 60th birthday and also for a male.

I love the new true gentlemen designer paper and i used the stamp set and handheld punch from the same suite.
My card measures 7" x 5"  and i cut two panels in kraft card stock , the large one is 6 3/4" x 4 3/4" and layered with DSP that is 1/4" smaller than the panel, and the second panel measures 6 1/4" x 4 1/4"  and is also layered with DSP that is 1/4" smaller than he panel.
I stamped the sentiment from the truly tailored clear mount bundle and punched it out with the handheld punch that is part of the bundle.
I also die cut the happy birthday sentiment and the 60 from Kraft card stock and distressed with dapper denim to add some colour.
I layered the smaller panel with dimesionals to the larger panel, then added my sentiment and my die cut pieces to the card.
I decorated with buttons that i still have from earlier collections that are colour matching the theme, and my card was done!

The true gentlemen product suite makes it so easy to create a gorgeous male themed card for any occasion, why don`t you have a look and maybe get it for your own stash, too?

I hope you got some inspiration from my little make here and i also made a matching gift box from the same DSP which i will post in an extra blog post shortly.

Thanks for dropping by and good night

JoJo xx
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